Northridge to Mace Loop

Novice route

2.5 miles



Classic hike in Beulah's Pueblo Mountain Park. Big views over Devil's Canyon and the Beulah Valley. This is a great escape from summer heat and a good spot for snowshoeing in the winter after a big storm.

Getting there: Park at the Northridge/Devil’s Canyon trailhead in the Pueblo Mountain Park in Beulah, CO.

Black Magic Loop

Novice route

3.6 miles



Start at Voodoo trail, take Rte. 96 trail east, then head north on Pronghorn trail, then take a left at the four corners (west) onto Voodoo trail follow back to start of loop.

Getting there: Park at the second red gate, approximately 2.6 miles past the main south entrance of Lake Pueblo State Park on highway 96.

Arkansas Point Overlook

Novice route

2.3 miles


modified P1060275.jpg

 Mellow, flat trail. Shaley in spots, but overall a wonderful novice hike, run, or ride. Gorgeous views. Bring some snacks for a sunset.

Access: This loop begins at the red gate along highway 96. Approximately 1/4 mile west of the south main entrance to Lake Pueblo State Park.