South Shore Tour

Intermediate Route

6 miles



The entire loop is overall mild terrain, with a steep climb at the end of Rodeo trail headed south, and one large steep climb about halfway along South Shore Trail headed north.

Getting there: Park at the Arkansas Point trailhead parking lot in Lake Pueblo State Park.

Northridge to Mace Loop

Novice route

2.5 miles



Classic hike in Beulah's Pueblo Mountain Park. Big views over Devil's Canyon and the Beulah Valley. This is a great escape from summer heat and a good spot for snowshoeing in the winter after a big storm.

Getting there: Park at the Northridge/Devil’s Canyon trailhead in the Pueblo Mountain Park in Beulah, CO.

Adventure Origins Beulah Loop

Epic route / Bikepack

25 miles


DSC_0075 (1).jpg

This short, adventurous overnight starts in the wonderful hamlet of Beulah, Colorado and makes its way out Squirrel Creek - the first USFS recreation area in the country. Day one is the bulk of the route's challenge, through the Pueblo Mountain park's Carhart trail and up Squirrel Creek to Davenport Campground. Carhart trail is mostly moderate terrain, though exposed in spots. Expect very challenging, chunky terrain in many spots along Squirrel Creek. Day two features a fast descent on CO Highway 78/Twelve Mile Highway, Colorado's last unpaved state highway. Careful in the turns!

 Make sure to give yourself time for some coffee stops and a few photos!

Getting there: Park in Beulah. Grab some coffee at Stompin’ Grounds. get after it.

The Whole Slopper

Advanced Route

35 miles



 A grand tour of (most) of Lake Pueblo's classics. Want some technical extras? Adding The Buttes trail off of Inner Limites and Rock Canyon off of South Shore trail will give you some features you may not want to miss!

Getting there: Park at the Arkansas Point trailhead parking lot in Lake Pueblo State Park.

Black Magic Loop

Novice route

3.6 miles



Start at Voodoo trail, take Rte. 96 trail east, then head north on Pronghorn trail, then take a left at the four corners (west) onto Voodoo trail follow back to start of loop.

Getting there: Park at the second red gate, approximately 2.6 miles past the main south entrance of Lake Pueblo State Park on highway 96.