Trail Construction and Maintenance in Southern Colorado

When trails are built, communities follow.

It's our collective responsibility to care for and promote the trails in our region. That means putting in the hours of labor required to build and keep our trails in great shape. More importantly , though, it means building and growing strong relationships with land managers and our community partners. Check out our 2017 accomplishments and get involved to make 2018 even better! 

SCTB currently has two major trail projects:


Outer Limits Trail at Lake Pueblo State Park

Outer Limits Trail at Lake Pueblo State Park

Lake Pueblo Trails

SCTB, under a 2017 Memorandum of Understanding is partnered with the land owner - the federal Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) - the land's operator, to act as the maintainers and caretakers of the Lake Pueblo Trails. 

SCTB has a long history of supporting and caring for the trails at Lake Pueblo. Moving forward, we know that our continued partnership with the BOR and CPW will ensure these trails remain an adventure destination for many years to come.

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Trail Construction on the Carhart Trail

Trail Construction on the Carhart Trail

Carhart Trail - Pueblo Mountain Park

Under a recent partnership with the Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center of Pueblo, SCTB is constructing a new flow trail within the Pueblo Mountain Park in Beulah. This sustainable trail will have it all - views, solitude, and history. The trail will wind through the Mountain Park and connect to existing US Forest Service Trails in the San Isabel National Forest. This trail will provide new access to historic sites such as the Squirrel Creek Shelter and Davenport Campground - two of the earliest examples of outdoor recreation infrastructure in America. Trail construction is underway and we need your help!

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