Coming Soon...The Carhart Trail


We've got a new project brewing…

Southern Colorado Trail Builders has recently embarked on a new project partnering with the Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center of Pueblo and the National Forest Service. The Carhart Trail will connect the Pueblo Mountain Park to existing Forest Service Trails in beautiful Wet Mountains of the San Isabel National Forest.

The Carhart trail will be finished by early 2019 depending on conditions. The new trail is approximately 1.4 miles long, with about 400 feet of gain along its length. We’re going to be installing interpretive signage at the trailhead to tell the powerful history of the area. Want to help? Donate to support this project and more!

Squirrel Creek trail and Squirrel Creek canyon/recreation area

If you like being outside exploring public lands, Squirrel Creek Canyon has played an important role in your life. This is sort of where public recreational areas in state and federally owned forests began. Right outside Pueblo.

squirrel sign 1.jpg
squirrel sign 2.jpg

The new Carhart Trail through Pueblo Mountain Park in Beulah will connect to the Squirrel Creek trail and the other trails throughout the Wet Mountain and San Isabel region.

How will you explore?

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